Leather Knives

Leather Model #1


 Model #1


The first knife I made. Large enough for skiving and bench cutting patterns.



Price - $250.00


"The perfect knife." -- Al Gould

Leather Model #2


 Model #2


Al Gould scaled down the #1 for the small chores. Great for cutting saddle pat's and chap leather. 



Price - $250.00

Leather Model #3


 Model #3



Dale Harwood calls this his perfect all around knife. This was the first collaboration between Dale and myself.


Price - $250.00


Leather Model #4


 Model #4



Dale Harwood recommends this for a one knife tool set.



Price - $250.00



Leather Model #5


Model #5



Everyone loves this knife. One of my favorite. You can see the Hardwood influence in the handle.


Price - $250.00

Leather Model #6


 Model #6 -- The Big Skiver



After you use this knife you will LOVE the long handle. It keeps your hand off the leather


Price - $250.00

Leather Model #7


 Model #7


This is my bent handle shiver. This has a bend that gives you miles of hand clearance off the leather. The bend keeps the blade from digging into the leather. It is sharpened only on the bottom of the blade. 


Price - $250.00

Leather Model #8


 Model #8



A sweet little knife made for Jerry Duncan from Van Buren, AR. Jerry is a local leather craftsman that demands the very best in his leather tools. He says this is the best for cutting patterns at the bench.


Price - $250.00

Leather Model #9


 Model #9



This is, of course, the best of all. I designed this for my bench. The best I've used for cutting knife sheaths. I never return from a show with any of these left.


Price - $250.00


Leather Model #10


 Model #10



I call this "The Best Trim Knife." Ground on one side only, this makes for a right- or left-handed knife that does not dig into the leather


Price - $250.00