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Horizontal Sheath
Vertical Sheath
Shoulder Harness
Inside the Pants Sheath
Wilderness Sheath
Neck Sheath


A sturdy sheath is essential for protection while wearing a knife. A Dozier Kydex® sheath is the toughest and safest you can find. Another qualification for the ideal sheath is that it allows availability of the knife. Bob Dozier's answer to this was to design a sheath that is individually molded to the knife. This provides your knife with a perfect fit. The sheath extends above the fingerguard of the knife, enabling it to securely lock in the sheath without a strap or snap (except for the GI sheath). The wearer is free from worry that the knife will fall out of the sheath, yet it is instantly available.

**If ordering a replacement/additional sheath for your knife, please note that because we form the sheaths around each knife individually to ensure a secure fit; we do need the knife here at the shop in order to make you a new sheath.**