Hunting Knives


Please note: Our current backlog is approx. 3 years


K-2 General Purpose Hunting Knife
K-4 Straight Hunter
K-6 The Companion
K-7 Slim Outdoorsman
K-8 Semi Skinner
K-9 Personal Utility
K-11 Columbia River Skinner
K-12 Small Game Skinner
K-13 Whittler
K-16 Yukon Pro Skinner
K-19 Professional Skinner
K-20 Canoe
K-23 Filet
K-28 Dozier Personal
K-29 Sweetwater
K-31 Arkansas Traveler
K-32 Personal Wharncliffe
K-33 Bird and Trout
K-35 Gentleman's Knife
K-36II Bushcraft - 2nd Generation
KS-1 Master Skinner
KS-3 Professional Guides Knife
KS-7 Wilderness Knife
K-DPII Drop Point Hunter - 2nd Generation
All knives come standard with a Black Micarta® handle (even if pictured in a different color). Due to an increase in our materials cost, other handle colors are now only available at an additional charge; please call us for more details.