KS-7 Wilderness



Overall Length: 9 7/8"
Blade Length: 5 "
Blade Thickness: .200"
Handle: Black Micarta® handle.
Sheath: Dozier Kydex® Wilderness sheath
Price: $300.00



The Dozier Wilderness Knife was designed with the assistance of professional forester and outdoorsman, Steve Dick, who is also the editor of Tactical Knives magazine. It was built for those times, or field trips, when Steve would have to depend on a knife for everything from food preparation and chopping kindling to perhaps even saving his life.

With these things in mind, I have used .200 thick D2 blade steel and have left the edge thicker than I normally do. It is ground to have edge-holding ability for heavy cutting and chopping situations. The handle is longer than I usually put on a knife, for comfort and grip in extended use, and will accommodate even the largest hands. It is hand ground, heat treated and finished in my shop, using my time-tested methods. Be assured that the Wilderness Knife measures up to my other knives, on which my reputation is built.

The Wilderness Knife comes with a custom fitted Kydex® Wilderness sheath, that is free hanging, yet you can draw and return the knife with one hand.