A seasoned hunter or sportsman wants a knife that is dependable in any situation. Bob Dozier designs with experience to these needs, and produces a knife that helps you to achieve your personal best.

Unique Design

His unique design fits your hand for hours of comfortable use through durable Micarta® handles that are custom finished for each knife. A Dozier knife is also well balanced to put the cutting power where it's needed. Except where noted, each knife has full-tang construction for maximum strength.

D2 Steel

The steel Bob uses is D2, which is one of the most outstanding knife steels available today. It is a high carbon, high chrome tool steel which is often used for the steel cutting dies in tool and die shops. With 1.5% Carbon, 1% Molybdenum, 12% Chrome, and 1% Vanadium, this air hardening steel (at 60-61Rc.) takes a razor edge, and holds it!

A Good Sheath

A good sheath is one of the sportsman's most valuable pieces of equipment. The sheath doesn't just protect your knife, it protects you from the knife. Most seasoned hunters can provide you with calamity stories of a razor sharp knife cutting through the sheath due to a bad fall or from years of wear. Bob solved this problem by custom fitting each Dozier knife with a Kydex® sheath that offers the maximum security that a person can have in a sheath.


Built for Life

Bob Dozier guarantees his knives for life. They are designed for a specific purpose. Should a knife fail after purchase by original user, due to faulty workmanship or materials, such defects will be made good free of cost. The right is reserved to make good such defects either by repair or replacement. This guarantee does not cover natural materials, incorrect applications, neglect or abuse. Any modifications that are made to the knife after it has left our workshop will void this guarantee. Please note there is a 15% restocking fee on all returned orders.

A knife is first a tool; which is why "Built For Life" accurately portrays Bob Dozier's philosophy for the design of his knives. Bob began making his knives as a valuable tool for the hunter. More than 30 years later, he is a master in the art of handmade knife making. The tool he provides hasn't changed in application, but the style of his knives have matured to their own unique elegance. On blade grinding, Bob states, "With few exceptions, I grind blades to have thin edges and thin points. The number one function of a knife is to cut. A thicker edge will never cut or sharpen as well as a thin one. A knife is purchased for a cutting tool, not a pry bar."